Window Capture

One of the most frequently used, this capture enables you to grab any Window (the name for any enclosed rectangular area on the screen).

The easiest way to practice this capture is to use HyperSnap’s Help window as the captured window. (If you’re using a PDF of this manual, open any program on your screen.)

Step 1     With HyperSnap opened or minimized and the area to capture on screen:

Click Ctrl+Shift+W  (or select Window in Capture tab).

(If you do not remember the correct Hotkey combo, open HyperSnap and click the Capture tab. Then click the Hotkey combo above and minimize HyperSnap to see the window you want again.)

HyperSnap image12 Window CaptureStep 2     Move the cursor around the screen to see the window areas available, shown outlined with blinking highlights.

Example:  If you move to a Title bar, the entire application’s window is highlighted, as shown here.

Step 3     When the area you want is highlighted, click the mouse.

HyperSnap will take the screen shot and display it in its program window.


ü  If HyperSnap’s window is not full-screen size, HyperSnap image13 Window Capture click the Maximize button to make it full size.

Click the button again to reduce screen size (Restore Down).

ü  If the capture is larger than the monitor’s screen, use the scroll bar(s) to see the entire image…OR

ü  Click the button to Toggle zoom to Auto HyperSnap image14 Window Capture  to make the capture fit the screen.

(See more Zoom options in the Tab Bar Tools section.)


Window Capture