Region Capture

Another frequently-used capture, Region enables you to save almost any section of a screen or more than one screen, depending on the Region setup you choose.


In its most basic application, this capture is very similar to cropping a photo: You create a box on the screen with the area you want captured inside it.


As an example, use these steps to capture just the ribbon Help tab:


With HyperSnap opened or minimized and the region (the Help tab) on screen:

Press Ctrl+Shift+R Hotkey combination (or select Region in Capture tab).

You can begin and end a Region capture anywhere on the screen, but here’s an easy way to do it:


Step 1     Click and hold the primary mouse button in the top, left corner of the area you want to capture.

(In the Help tab, click the upper left corner, above Manual.)

Step 2     Drag the onscreen cursor diagonally down to the lower right corner of the area you want, to make a box on the screen.

(In the Help tab, click the lower right corner of the General group.)

HyperSnap image15 Region CaptureStep 3     Then click again.


HyperSnap will capture whatever is in the box and display it in its program window.


Region Capture