Capture Overview

t  To view your capture’s image in HyperSnap check this first:

HyperSnap image9 Capture Overview

·         Click the Capture Menu, then the Capture Settings icon (far right).


·         In the Capture Settings Dialog box, look down the Capture list and be sure that Restore HyperSnap window to front after a capture is checked.


t  To capture anything in HyperSnap, use the program’s Hotkey combinations.


·         All Hotkey combos begin with Ctrl+Shift, followed by a Letter, depending on the type of capture.

HyperSnap image10 Capture OverviewExample:  Ctrl+Shift+W is a Window capture (see below)

·         To see any Hotkey combo, open the Capture tab. Rest the mouse cursor on any Capture icon and the name and its Hotkey combo appears below.

Option:  If you switch to the previous Menu interface, you can see Hotkey combos when you click open the Capture menu. Every capture type has its corresponding Hotkey to the right.

t  To more easily use Hotkeys, minimize HyperSnap to the taskbar (also called “running in background”).


(Click the Minimize button, top right.) HyperSnap image11 Capture Overview

You can always open HyperSnap again during a capture to check Hotkeys, if needed.


With any capture, the area to be captured must be visible on the screen, and HyperSnap must be either onscreen or minimized.



In the following tutorials, you may want to print the steps first to follow while trying each capture.


Capture Overview