TextSnap™ Hotkeys…

This dialog box allows you to change the defaults of the HyperSnap system-wide Hotkeys for the text capture functions.

          HyperSnap image183 TextSnap™ Hotkeys...

If you have a conflict with other applications that require Hotkeys or if you decide that these default keys are difficult to use or remember, use this box to change the defaults to keystrokes you prefer.

To use Text Capture Hotkeys, be sure that “Enable Hotkeys” at the bottom of this box is checked.

Quick Text Capture Mode

Enable quick text region capture by simultaneously pressing one or more of the following keys and moving the mouse:





Using this method can be faster and more convenient than using Hotkeys, as it does not require moving your hand away from the mouse.

Abort if cross-hair is still visible…

Checking this option enables you to abort text capture by releasing the keys if you are in the first stage of area selection, with the cross-hair cursor still visible.

If this option is not enabled, you may still abort text capture by a right-click or pressing the Escape key.

Require second mouse click…

Checking this option means that you have to click twice in the region to select text. Click once for each of the opposite corners of the rectangle.

If not enabled, select text by pressing the primary mouse button, moving the mouse and releasing the button (no second click required).

This setting is only used for text captures make while holding the one or more of above keys shown above and moving the mouse. Captures using the default Ctrl+Shift+T Hotkey combination always require two clicks.

Same combination + right click…

Checking this option lets you use a right (secondary) mouse click to instantly capture a line of text at cursor location when using one or more of the above keys shown above. This is helpful if capturing text from menu, which disappears and won’t let you capture text otherwise.

Other Hotkeys

To modify keyboard shortcuts and turn on/off their “Hotkey” status, click “Customize Keyboard”.

Customize Keyboard

Enables customization of keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys, described under “Customize” button of the “Setup” ribbon tab.

Enable Hotkeys

To use Hotkeys, be sure that the default, “Enable Hotkeys” is checked.

You may also toggle Hotkeys by selecting the Hotkeys dialog box in the Capture tab.


TextSnap™ Hotkeys…