TextSnap™ Settings Group


HyperSnap image177 TextSnap™ Settings Group


This group contains the following controls and buttons:

Plain text

Turns on plain text capture – text captured with this setting only contains only the characters visible on the screen, without the specific font face, size of fonts, colors etc.


Formatted RTF

Turns on RTF formatted text capture, which includes font type and sizes, color etc.



(M Caution: Unchecking both these fields off will completely disable TextSnap.)


Tab-delimited data capture

Disables the two choices above it. It can be used to capture data from tables, allowing easy pasting into MS Excel or similar spreadsheet programs.


More Settings

Provides a shortcut to the TextSnap™ tab described in the Capture Settings dialog box in the Capture tab. In this box you can set more/different options related to text capture.


TextSnap Hotkeys

Click here to read more about TextSnap hotkeys configuration.



TextSnap™ Settings Group