Auto-scroll region

Select this function if the text you want to capture is not completely visible onscreen and you must scroll down the page to capture it all.

(This is different from Scroll Page where you capture everything below the screen. In this text scroll, you can capture an area inside a window, allowing you to avoid unwanted parts, such as columns of advertising on web pages.

When the Region cross-hairs appear on screen, define a region as you would in the usual Region capture, but add a second step.

·         Click one corner of the text capture, than move the mouse diagonally to click another corner, creating an outline or block of the text you want.


·         Click the down pointing arrow of the vertical scroll-bar of that window to scroll down past the bottom of the onscreen page and capture the text you want.

HyperSnap will scroll down and capture the defined text to the end.

To stop scrolling early, press the Escape key on the keyboard; otherwise wait until  scrolling is complete.

This method of auto-scrolling can work well for pages that refuse to scroll and capture with the “Auto-scroll window” method.


Auto-scroll region