HyperSnap image217 Windows Opens a dialog box that lets you manage currently opened document windows. With this, you can manage large lists of open windows by assigning them into groups.

Example: If you have eight windows open, but want to close four of them scattered through the list.

·         Click on the Windows > Windows.


·         Select the windows you want to close. (Click and hold the Ctrl key to select more than one at a time.)


·         Click the Close Window(s) button. Only the selected four will be closed, leaving the other four files or captures available for editing.

You can use this process to switch to the checked window on a list by hitting Activate (or “bring up” from an icon multiple windows).  You can also use this to Cascade only the selected windows, or perform any of the listed functions only on the windows you wish to manage.

If you have many windows open and want to “clear the decks” to clean things up, select all your open files, then click Minimize. They’ll all be minimized within HyperSnap’s interface.

Using this and the tabbed window controller on the application workspace, you have excellent control of your working environment.