Backgr. (Background and Position)

HyperSnap image197 Backgr. (Background and Position) This allows you to select the color and hatch pattern for the background in the HyperSnap window. (Background is any area that is not the captured image.)

You can also position the image in the top left corner or centered within the workspace to have more or less background.

Image Position – Top Left or Center

Select where HyperSnap should display an image when it is smaller than the available workspace.

Background Hatch Style choices

Select the style of the HyperSnap workspace background for windows with images. You’ll see this background if the image is too small to fill the space, or if the image has “transparent” areas. such as those in GIF files.

Different hatched backgrounds can help in previewing image transparency.

Example: Use a hatched background to avoid confusion when viewing at a partially-transparent picture on a solid background.

Without this background, you might not be able to differentiate between the window background showing through the image or parts of the image that are the same color as the workspace.

Background and Hatch Color pickers

If you selected a hatch style above, click to select the color for your image workspace background, and for the hatch lines drawn over it.


Backgr. (Background and Position)