Tabs tab

You may modify here the appearance and position of image tabs, usually shown when two or more images are loaded into HyperSnap simultaneously.

Image tabs position

Choose this to change image tab position to either the top or the bottom of the image area, or if you want the tabs completely hidden.

Tab style

Choose here from several available tab styles. Select each one to see how it looks and which you prefer.

Show close button on active tab

If turned on, the X button to close the current image will appear on the currently active tab.

If off, the same button is moved to the right side of the tabs row.

Colorful tabs

Turn on this option to give each tab a different color.

Hide single tab

If only one image is loaded into HyperSnap window, turn on this option to hide the tabs for more image viewing area.

If you have two or more images opened, the tabs will reappear.

When closing a tab, activate its neighbor…

Check this option if, when closing a tab, you want its immediate neighbor to the right activated, instead of the last (rightmost) tab.

Example: You have tabs named Snap1, Snap2, Snap3, Snap4, and Snap5.

If this option is checked, Closing Snap2 tab will activate Snap3 tab.

If not checked, Snap5 tab would be activated.


Tabs tab