Options tab

Show Screen Tips on toolbars

Displays on-screen descriptions of toolbar buttons when the pointer pauses on them.

Show shortcut keys in Screen Tips

When selected, displays the shortcut key in the ToolTip for a toolbar button (if one is available).

Large Icons

Increases the size of toolbar buttons to be easier to see.

Menus show recently used commands first

When checked, shows basic and frequently-used commands on personalized versions of the program’s menus.

Clear this check box if you want to show all the commands on the menus without usage tracking.

Show full menus after a short delay

If enabled, shows all available commands on an open menu when you rest the pointer on it. There is a brief delay before the entire menu is visible.

Reset my usage data

When clicked, clears menu and toolbar usage data. This is data that is automatically saved when you choose menu commands and toolbar buttons to allow HyperSnap to display the most-used commands on the menus and hide rarely-used commands.

Close button

Closes Customize interface. All changes you’ve made will be automatically saved.


Options tab