Keyboard tab


Lists the default menus with toolbar buttons, commands, and menus that you can add to a toolbar or menu. When you select an item in the list, toolbar buttons, commands, or menus appear in the Commands box and can be further customized from there.


If you want to assign or remove a shortcut key assignment, click the appropriate command.

If you don’t see the item you want, click a different item in the Category or Commands box.

Set Accelerator for

Displays all available document templates. This option is currently not used in HyperSnap, the only selection available is “Default”.

Current Keys

Displays the shortcut key assignments, if any, for the currently selected command.

Press New Shortcut Key

To set new shortcuts key(s), click inside this box. Then press the key or key combination that you want to assign to the selected command. When finished, click the Assign button.

Note: If the key combination you try to select is already used by another command, Assign will not be available.


Assigns the keyboard shortcut in the Press New Shortcut Key box to the currently selected command or function.


Removes the shortcut key combination defined in the Current Keys box.

Reset All

Restores all shortcut key combinations to their default settings.


Keyboard tab