HyperSnap image153 Stamps Use this tool to define, and later insert Stamps on your image. Stamps are composed of any other image fragment, and can include styled text that you define. The stamp text may contain macros with the current date and time, the image file name, etc.

You can put Stamps anywhere on the image or append them to the top or bottom as graphic headers or footers – image titles or captions.

HyperSnap image154 Stamps

Clicking the down arrow of this button opens a menu similar to the one shown above (the menu may contain also additional stamps that you have already defined.) Clicking the main part of this button or clicking the first item of this menu brings up the “Edit Stamps” dialog box, show below with a number of stamps already defined on the list:

          HyperSnap image155 Stamps


This window contains the following controls:

Stamps Folder and Browse button

Displays the path to the current stamps catalog folder. You may change this path and select a different catalog by clicking the Browse button. You may have up to 40 stamps in a folder. If you need more than allowed, simply create multiple stamp folders and switch between them as you require.


New Stamp…

Click this to define a new stamp.


Click this to edit the stamp selected in the list box on the left.

The options available under New Stamp and Edit Stamp are explained in the “New Stamp/Edit Stamp dialog box” chapter.



Click this to preview a stamp selected in the list box on the left.



Click this to delete the stamp selected in the list box on the left. The stamp file goes to Windows Recycle Bin and can be still restored from there until you empty the bin.



Click this to insert the stamp selected in the list box on the left onto the image currently opened within HyperSnap’s workspace.

When you click this button, the “Edit Stamps” dialog box will go away and you’ll see the stamp on your image. You may move the inserted stamp around, resize it, or even double-click it to edit this specific instance of the stamp (for example, to change the text on it) without altering the originating stamp.


Stamp list

This box lists all the stamps defined so far in the current stamps folder. Click any stamp name to select a stamp and have the buttons on the right act on it (for example, edit this stamp, preview it, delete, or insert it on your current image).

The check boxes on the left side of the stamp name indicate stamps that are set to be auto-inserted on each image you capture. Note that for this to function, also the box below the list, described as “Auto-insert selected stamps…” must be checked.


Auto-insert selected stamps on newly captured images

The stamps check-marked in the stamp list above will be auto-inserted on newly captured images only when this option is turned on.