Placement tab

Place at current selection

Select this option to have a stamp placed at the current selection on the image. If the selected area is too small to fit the stamp, the program expands it to contain the entire stamp. If you have not defined a selection, the program places the stamp’s origin at the upper-left corner of the image.

Extend picture at top or bottom…

Select this option to insert the stamp to the top (as a header) or attached to the bottom of the picture (as a footer).  The stamp width will be set to the width of the entire target image. The height will be set large enough to wrap and fit all of the text and image content of the stamp into the resultant width-plus-height area.

Place on the picture

Select this option to have this stamp placed on the picture in the HyperSnap workspace according to options that you make below.

Offset: Horizontal, Vertical and From picture options

Modify the offset in pixels from the selected location in the current image, using these Horizontal and Vertical fields.

Example: If you enter a horizontal offset of 10 pixels, and a vertical offset of 20 pixels, then select From picture: Center, the stamp will be moved 10 pixels to the right and 20 pixels down from the center.

Enter negative values to move in the opposite directions.

Note: if you select any Right edge, the positive horizontal offset is to the left. Similarly, for any Bottom edge, positive vertical offset is up.


Placement tab