Options tab

Underlay stamp image

Use this option to emboss a sign or logo on an image. Bring a gray embossed graphics into the stamp, then select this option.

After applying it to an image, the effect looks as if the image is printed on a very flexible fabric with a 3D embossed logo underneath.

Image masking with a stamp

Check this, then select the color in your stamp that should “mask” the target image (hide that part of the image as if it was not present) by making all the pixels to have “transparent” color. If the target image on which the stamp is inserted does not have any transparency, a transparent color will be selected automatically.

Blend (Transparent to Opaque)

Use this slider to control how much your stamp blends in with the base image. It can be set to be Opaque (no blending) to Transparent (100% blended with the base image).

Auto-add this stamp to all captured images

Automatically inserts this stamp on all images you capture with HyperSnap. This can save work when must create numerous captures for public release or other purposes, and you must show ownership, authorship, etc.


Options tab