Image tab

From Selection

Click this to use the image current in the HyperSnap workspace on this stamp. If a selection rectangle is visible on the workspace image, only the selected fragment will be used on the stamp, otherwise the entire image is used.

From File…

Click to select an image from a graphics file on disk. This image will be used as the stamp’s background.

Edit Image

Click this button to edit the image currently selected for the stamp. The stamp is saved and the Edit Stamp dialog closes. Your stamp image then appears inside HyperSnap’s workspace, ready for editing with all the program’s tools.

Delete Image

Remove an image from the stamp. Only the text part (if any) remains inside the  stamp definition file.

Use this image…

Check to use this image on the stamp. If you clear this box, the image remains inside the stamp definition file, but when you preview or insert the stamp, the image is not there.

Image preview frame

This frame displays a preview of a picture you selected to appear on your stamp.


Image tab