Frame tab

Frame width

Enter the width in pixels of a frame to be drawn around your stamp. The frame is a solid line drawn in the Frame color defined to the left of this field. Enter 0 (zero) if you don’t want any frame.

Make it transparent

Make the selected background color transparent on your stamp. When this type of stamp is inserted, any part of that color will allow the underlying image to show through the stamp’s contents.

Image position: Left and Top

Enter an offset in pixels from stamp top left corner, for the image defined on Image tab. This value is not used if your stamp does not contain an image.

You may use this together with Text margins values to compose a stamp that contains non-overlapping image and text.

Text margins: Left, Top, Right and Bottom

Enter the margins for your text field  related to the overall stamp size in pixels.  These values are only used if your stamp contains text.

You may use this with Image position values to compose a stamp that contains non-overlapping image and text, formatted as you desire.

Stamp size: Width, Height and Set to image size

Modify the overall size of your stamp in pixels, using these Width and Height fields  You may also:

§  Click the Set to image size button to make it exactly the same as the size of the picture selected on Image tab.

§  Set the size interactively by clicking the Preview button and resizing the Stamp Preview pop-up window.


Frame tab