New Stamp/Edit Stamp dialog box

The same dialog box with several tabs at the top shows when you create a new stamp or edit an existing one. Click the name of the tab below to read more about it:

          Image tab

          Text tab

          Frame tab

          Placement tab

          Options tab


At the bottom of the window you’ll find the following controls:

Stamp Name

Enter the name of the edited stamp. If the name was already assigned to a stamp and saved, you may change it here. This creates a copy of the same stamp under a new name, allowing multiple versions of similar stamps.

Save Stamp/Insert options

These 3 options decide what happens when you click the OK button:

1     Save stamp saves it to your stamp folder for future use, but will not insert it on the current image in the HyperSnap workspace.


2     Insert on picture only inserts this stamp on the current image within the HyperSnap workspace. It will not save any changes you make to a disk file for future use.


3     Insert and save will do both of the above. It saves the changes to disk and inserts the stamp into the current image or a selected area within the image.


Click to see a preview of the fully composed stamp. You may also set the overall stamp size in this preview mode by re-sizing the preview window.

New Stamp/Edit Stamp dialog box