HyperSnap image160 Shadow Adds what looks like a 3D drop shadow to selected areas of your capture. Shadow has several methods of operation: It can work automatically using your preferences established within the Shadow dialog each time you capture, or it can be used manually, applied around a selection as an effect.

Shadow Size slider

Drag this slider to set your shadows to be either closer or farther away from your selection.

Inner Shade slider

Drag this slider to set the darkness of the shadow’s umbra, the core of the shadow. Dark increases the apparent contrast of the shadow, making light appear more “harsh and sharp.” Lighter values make the shadow “softer”, so the light it is imitating will appear less harsh.

Diffusion slider

Drag this slider to set the diffusion of the shadow.

Moving this slider all the way to left produces a sharp shadow, as if from a distant point light source.

Moving it to right produces more life-like diffused (soft) shadow, as if from a closer, sphere shaped lamp.

Direction slider

Drag this slider to change the direction of the shadow. Observe the effect in the preview window to the right.

Shadow background color

Click the down pointing triangle to select the background color from palette, or click the color picker (eyedropper) tool to select background color from anywhere on the screen.

Note: This color is used as a shadow background for the shadow areas that fall beyond the current image area. If you select a small area inside your image and add shadow around it, the shadow background will be the old image, not the new color.

Add around the current image selection option

Check this for HyperSnap to apply the shadow to the image currently loaded into the HyperSnap workspace. The program will add the shadow around the current selection on this image, or to entire image if a selection isn’t visible.

Auto-add this shadow to newly drawn shapes

Select this option to have all shapes subsequently drawn on the image with any  drawing tools include this shadow . You can also turn this feature on or off with the “Toggle Object Shadow” button HyperSnap image162 Shadow on the main toolbar.

Auto-add this shadow to all captured images option

If you have a collection of images that require this shadow (as in a photo album of screen captures), check this box to force the program to apply the shadow automatically, without any additional input from you.