Use this function to adjust image brightness, contrast, hue, color saturation, perform gamma correction of colors, convert the image to gray scale or invert black and white colors.

Convert to Gray Scale

Converts a color image to up to 256 shades of gray.

Invert Black and White

Reverses the black and white values of the image. It only changes areas that are either pure white or pure black. No other regions are affected unless they contain spots of either color.


Adjusts the overall lightness or darkness of the image (similar to adjusting the brightness on a TV).

Move the slider to the left or enter a negative value (-1 to -100) to make the image darker.

Move the slider to the right or enter a positive value to make it brighter.


Adjusts the amount of difference between light and dark areas in the same way the contrast control works on your color television set.

The effect is to “block up” the image (have more contrast between dark and light areas) or “flatten out” the image (have less contrast between dark and light areas).


Adjusts color “bias” of your image, similar to like hue control on your TV. Hue provides a range of color from one end of the color spectrum to the other, as in a rainbow.

The degrees represent the angle on a “color wheel”, where all possible colors are represented on a wheel like the hours on a clock. By pointing at a certain degree, you bias the color balance of the image to move closer to that color position on the wheel.


Adjusts the degree or concentration of color from pale to strong.

Example: Your TV often has a control marked “color.” Turn it up for more color; turn it down for less. If turned all the way down, you get a grayscale image that looks like a black and white photograph.

Gamma Correction

Adjusts the white content of the image, which determines the intensity of the light and how colors appear on a monitor.

Using gamma correction you can “brighten up” dim images or images that appear overly “dense.” Gamma increases shadow details for image information that is in darker areas.

You can also darken the look of washed-out images by setting the gamma level lower.

Apply changes immediately

Allows you to see each change as you make it, rather than waiting to see the completely changed image.

However, if moving a slider or entering a value takes too long to display, turn off this option. You may then adjust the controls as quickly as you want, then click the “Apply” button when you are ready to review all changes.

Automatically apply to all captured images

Turn this on if you want to have the color correction defined above applied automatically to all images you capture with HyperSnap.


Click to revert the image to its original state. This will undo all changes made to the image since you began using this tool.


Resets all color correction values to neutral values, ones that do not affect the original image. Reset turns off Gray Scale, Invert Black and White, sets Brightness correction to 0, Gamma Correction to 1, etc.