Colors Group

HyperSnap image133 Colors Group

Click below the graphics or name of each button to read more about the tool:

HyperSnap image163 Colors GroupResolution

HyperSnap image164 Colors GroupCorrection

HyperSnap image165 Colors GroupSubstitute

HyperSnap image166 Colors GroupBlack/white

HyperSnap image167 Colors GroupHalftone

HyperSnap image168 Colors GroupGrayscale

HyperSnap image169 Colors GroupInvert colors

HyperSnap image170 Colors GroupInvert B&W

The “More…” HyperSnap image171 Colors Group  button shows a menu with these additional functions:

HyperSnap image172 Colors GroupCount colors – shows the number of unique colors on the current image.

HyperSnap image173 Colors GroupImmediately substitute colors – substitutes colors immediately, without asking any questions, according to substitutions defined earlier under the  “HyperSnap image165 Colors GroupSubstitute” button.

HyperSnap image174 Colors GroupImmediately correct colors – immediately applies color correction defined earlier under the “HyperSnap image164 Colors GroupCorrection” button



Colors Group