Set as Wallpaper

Sets the current image displayed in the HyperSnap window as your Windows wallpaper. The image must be converted to the correct format, which will change the currently-specified wallpaper setting to reflect the new setting and filename.

You have options for displaying the wallpaper centered, tiled, or stretched to fit your current desktop’s resolution, which will be needed if the image is smaller than the desktop.

M Caution: Stretching may cause distortion if the image is not the same horizontal to vertical ratio (aspect ratio) as the Windows screen.

Wallpaper image file name

Displays a name for your new wallpaper file image.

To change the name and location of the file, click the Browse button.


Center - displays your wallpaper image in the middle of your desktop.

Tile - Multiplies the image as many times across and down as required to cover the desktop

Stretch - Enlarges the image (or shrinks it if needed) to cover your entire desktop.

(Some distortion may occur on small images if they have an aspect ratio that differs from your desktop’s.)

Remove Wallpaper

Removes your current wallpaper image, leaving only the desktop color.


Set as Wallpaper