Page Setup

Enables you to define the layout for printed pages. The options in this dialog box are similar to those in most print applications, including choices for Paper size, Margins, Portrait or Landscape format, etc.

The Page setup dialog box provides a real-time preview of how your document will look when you print it.


Check one if you want to:

§  Invert Black and White, which switches these colors in the image.

§  Use Black and White Only, which converts the image from color or grayscale to black and white, allowing you to print color images to printer drivers that do not support them, such as dot-matrix printers.

§  Draw Frame, which puts a border around the image to increase visibility if the image contains a white or very light area that might cause it to blend with the page’s background.

Best Fit

Check this to have HyperSnap select the best paper orientation for your image.  (Portrait is a vertical orientation; Landscape is horizontal.)

Example: If the image is wider than its height, HyperSnap will select Landscape and print it in that orientation.

If you Uncheck this, you can manually choose either Portrait or Landscape.

Center Image

Check this to have the program place your image in the center of the page.

Example: If you do not trim the white space around the image, checking this option will give the image a more finished look on the page.

If you do not choose Center, you can set your own margins by filling in number for Left/Right and Top/Bottom.

Auto-fit to Fill the Page

Scales your image up or down to fill all available space between the margins on the page, while still preserving the image proportions.

Auto-fit to Page Width

Scales your image up or down to fill the entire width of the page between the margins, while still preserving the image proportions.

Unlike “Auto-fit to Fill the Page”, this setting allows printing to extend over multiple pages.

Scale option

Choose this to enter manually the scaling factor for printing your image. Values above 100% will enlarge the printed image; values below 100% will shrink it.

Auto-fit if scale too large

Functions the same as Auto-fit to Fill the Page, but only if the scale factor you entered in Scale option makes the image too large to fit on one page.

Header and Footer…

Click this button for a dialog box where you can define header and footer text and position to use on printed pages.

Font Size

Enter the font size in “point” units, which are 1/72 of an inch.

Header Text

Enter the header text that will appear on printed pages above the image you print.

Justify header text options

Select the justification of the header text: left, center, or right

Footer Text

Enter the footer text that will appear on printed pages below the image you print.


Page Setup