Opens an existing graphics file. This is a standard Windows “File/Open” dialog box, extended with a few HyperSnap-specific controls described in the following paragraphs.

Enable Preview

Turn on this option to see a small preview of the graphics file highlighted in the file list.

Page Number to Open

Enables you to specify the number of an image “page” inside a file that you want opened in a “multi-page” image file.

If you highlight this type of file in the file list, HyperSnap will display the total number of image pages in that file next to the specified field.

Correct color if color profile found…

Some image files contain complex “color profiles” that aim to reflect more accurately the colors as the image creator intended them. If you enable this box, HyperSnap will look for such embedded color profiles inside of PNG, JPEG and TIFF files, and will try to adjust the colors of an image read from them according to the profile found.

File Info

Click to display detailed information about the highlighted image file.