Presentation Mode on/off

HyperSnap image78 Presentation Mode on/off Toggles the full screen Presentation Mode ON and OFF. This shows the image in the HyperSnap window displayed in full screen mode (without HyperSnap window frame, menus, toolbars…)

Only the drawing toolbar is visible, “floating” in the corner of the screen. You can pick different drawing tools from it and draw on the full screen.


Example: This is useful during live presentations because you can:

§  “Freeze” the screen temporarily and start drawing on it while describing the process.

§  When finished, click this button again (or press the Escape key) and the screen “unfreezes” and becomes interactive again.

The HyperSnap window returns to its normal size and appearance.

The contents of the screen and your drawings are preserved inside HyperSnap so that you can save or print it if needed.

Note: Another option on the Toolbar is a button described as “Enter full screen presentation mode after a capture”. This could be used to further automate the presentation mode. When activated, HyperSnap enters this mode automatically as soon as you execute any capture.


Presentation Mode on/off