Copy Format

Allows you to determine the exact format of any image data sent to the Windows clipboard.

Most users should NOT alter this option. However, if a situation determines that you must control the outgoing format, use this tool to set the output to the desired data type.

Bitmap Format to Put in Clipboard

Select one or more bitmap formats that will be copied into Windows clipboard. Other applications can read this information when you paste images there.

·         DIB is Device Independent Bitmap format

·         DDB is Device Dependent Bitmap format

·         HTML is the World-Wide Web format, also used by many email clients that can paste images only in HTML format

If you find that the Copy operation is too slow, disable HTML format, unless you  need it to paste images into Outlook Express or other documents that do not accept DIB or DDB.

Auto select color format…

Leave this option checked unless you have a specific reason to change it.

Example: One possible reason to change this would be if an image needed to use less memory, for example when pasting an image into email sent over a slow Internet connection. This function can automatically reduce image color resolution from 16 million colors to 256 colors, which produces a smaller image that will transmit faster.

Select color format – Black and white, 16 colors etc…

If needed, select one of these selections after you Uncheck the Auto select color format… box. Click the button with the color format you need.

Most users will keep the Auto-select color format option checked rather than choosing one of these color formats.

Minimize window on Copy operation

Check this option if you often use copy in the HyperSnap window and then must minimize the program to find the other document window (in an email, word processor etc.). It saves a step since this tool automatically minimizes the HyperSnap window, enabling you to more easily see/find the other document for pasting the image.

Copy Format