Line Style

HyperSnap image108 Line StyleHyperSnap image109 Line Style Set the style of the line used by line drawing commands (arrow, line, rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse, polyline and polygon) by clicking the down arrow and choosing the style from this dialog box.

The Line Style you choose also changes the widths of all of the painting tools, including the spray can, pencil, arrow tool. Choosing wider lines broadens the area of coverage used by these tools on screen.

Smooth lines

When this option is selected, the lines are drawn in “smoothing” mode, using pixels of the actual line color mixed with the color of the background in different proportion. This avoids the “staircase effect” that occurs when drawing oblique lines on most computer screens, which have limited resolution.

Add shadow

This feature enables you to include a shadow with whichever line style you choose.




Line Style