HyperSnap image95 Callout Draws a callout on the image. Before you begin to draw a Callout, check the Foreground and Background colors.

The Foreground color will show as the fill area of the Callout.

The Background color will be the Callout’s outline color.

To create a Callout:


Step 1       Click the down arrow to select one of the following three shapes shown.

                   HyperSnap image107 Callout


Step 2     When you have selected a shape, click the Callout tool again.


Step 3     Move the mouse over the image area to the place where you want to position the point of the Callout.


Step 4     Press and hold the main mouse button and then move the mouse in another direction, away from that point.


The outline of the callout is drawn.


ü  You may adjust the Callout immediately by dragging its text area or its end point.

ü  You can also resize the text area in any direction.

ü  To enter text, double-click the text area. Then enter text as you would in the usual Text block.