Add Text

HyperSnap image92 Add Text  Loads a tool that lets you type text onto your image.

·         Define an area on the image for the text. This sets the “wrapping boundaries” for what you type.


·         In the dialog box that appears, choose a font from those shown and its size and color.

(Fonts are any available in your system, as with a Word processor).

·         Type your text.


·         When finished, click OK.

After typing text you can move the entire Text box or resize it by clicking view and shape select tool. HyperSnap image106 Add Text

·         Move the box by holding the mouse button and dragging the crossed arrows.


·         Resize the box by clicking one of the corners and dragging the double headed arrow either up or down or diagonally.


·         Right click the box to change box properties.


Update text immediately

This option appears on the “Text” tab of the Edit Text dialog box. Turn this option on to instantly preview what you type on the image in HyperSnap window.

Note: Do not enable this option on double-byte language systems (e.g. Korean), as it may cause an incorrect text display!


Add Text