Screen Capture Hotkeys

The Hotkeys box allows you to change the default values of HyperSnap system-wide Hotkey combinations for image capture functions.

If you have a conflict with other applications that require Hotkeys or if you decide that our default keys are difficult to use or remember, use this box to change the defaults to keystrokes you prefer.

Stop timed Auto-Capture

If you want to change the current Hotkey or combination for the operation or function listed to the right of this field, click inside the field and press the desired key or key combination.

Special Capture (DirectX, Glide, DVD…)

Select the capture function that HyperSnap executes for a special capture, if different from the one shown.

Print Screen Key Handling

Select the capture function that HyperSnap should execute upon pressing the Print Screen key. Choose “None” if you want the Windows system or other program to handle this key.

Other Hotkeys – Customize Keyboard

Enables you to customize the keyboard by modifying keyboard shortcuts for tool functions and turn on/off their Hotkey status.

Enable Hotkeys

Be sure that this is clicked to enable all Hotkeys. You may also toggle Hotkeys in the Hotkeys dialog box in the TextSnap™ tab.


Click this to restore HyperSnap default Hotkey assignments.


Click this to revert back to your original settings, if you accidentally change a keystroke or decide you want to keep a previously-customized value.


Click this for this help information on Hotkeys.

Clear All

Click this to clear all the Hotkeys to “None.” This allows you to set the keys from “scratch” with no conflicts between existing key settings and new ones.


Click to close this selection box.


Screen Capture Hotkeys