TextSnap™ tab

This tab sets options related to capturing editable text from almost any place on the screen. There are some limitations: This method cannot capture text set as a bitmap image, nor can it capture text from Acrobat Reader (PDF) files.

Enable TextSnap for:

Plain text capture

Formatted text (RTF) capture

Also captures font type and sizes, color etc.

(Un-checking both the above fields off will completely disable TextSnap.)

Tab-delimited data capture

A special mode that disables the two choices above it. It can be used to capture data from tables, allowing easy pasting into MS Excel or similar spreadsheet programs.

Copy captured text to clipboard, and…

Check one of the following options to determine what HyperSnap should do with the captured text after it has copied it to the MSWindows clipboard.

§  Don’t show inside HyperSnap

§  Append new text to the same windows inside HyperSnap (the default)

§  Replace old text with newly captured inside HyperSnap window

§  Create new text window inside HyperSnap for each captured text

Note: Your settings from the Copy & Print tab for pasting each capture to a selected window are also considered. You may use them to instantly paste captured fragments of the text elsewhere, for example, a MS Word document.

___ ms additional delay for “Text from an Object under Cursor” command

To capture text from an elusive object that disappears as soon as you press any key or mouse button, enter a larger value, such as 3000 ms (3 seconds).

Then click OK.

You can now select Text from an Object under Cursor from the HyperSnap Capture menu, or press the corresponding Hotkey combination. The actual capture will occur after the time elapses.

Quickly click whatever is needed to display the object, place the mouse cursor over it, then wait for TextSnap to finish.

Make “Text from an Object under Cursor” auto-scroll

Check this option to enable auto-scrolling of the contents of the object under the mouse cursor.

Example: You may be able to capture contents of a drop-down box with many choices and a vertical scroll bar.


TextSnap™ tab