Region tab

This tab sets options to modify Region capture functions.

Settings that affect all Region Capture modes

Show help and zoom area during region capture

Keep this box checked (the default setting) to show help when you begin a region capture.

UNcheck this box only if you no longer need region capture help.

Default region shape

Choose from a list the region shape you want to use for region captures.

Click the down arrow to see the available choices. If you choose a non-rectangular shape, HyperSnap will fill the area around the captured data with the background color you select in the Capture tab/Capture Settings – Default background color for captures.

Multi-Region Capture Settings

Start multi-region capture with:

Use the down arrow to choose to start multi-region captures with either a window/control selector or a region capture.

After starting the capture, you can change to the other type as you wish by hitting the appropriate Hotkey for that type of capture and continuing.

Use the following options to decide how to compose regions (fragments) captured during a multi-region capture into one image:

§  Preserve each fragment relative screen position – Captured fragments will be positioned relative to each other as they were on the screen, with the background color filling in the space (as selected in Capture tab/Capture Settings – Default background color for captures).

§  Tile fragments vertically – Captured fragments are positioned below one another in capture order.

§  Tile fragments horizontally – Captured fragments are positioned next to one another in capture order.

When tiling, insert a margin of__ pixels

Enter an optional margin between pasted images when you use one of the tiling methods the program offers.

Allows you to specify an extra margin (background color space) inserted between the captured fragments if you use either the Tile fragments vertically or Tile fragments horizontally option.

Specify 0 if you don’t want any such space inserted.

Region tab