Crop & Scale tab

This tab sets options related to automatically removing unwanted parts of your image or automatically reducing/enlarging the image size.

Crop Image

Check this to enable automatic cropping of captures, using the values defined in the boxes in tab. This can save time during batch operations if you repeatedly crop your captures by the same amount.

     From Left – Top

Enter your crop start point as an offset in pixels from the top left corner of the image.

Width – Height

Enter the width and height of the cropped area.

                        Set to current selection rectangle

If you have defined a crop rectangle on an image in the HyperSnap workspace, click this button to set your crop image parameters to its size and position.

If set correctly, you can easily capture the image at the size you wish to use, mark the crop you want to use from that point on, and click this button.

Scale Image

Check this to enable automatic image scaling of your captured image. You can automatically re-scale many captures to fit the same specifications, rather than scaling manually after captures.

Use the values in the data entry boxes of this group to set up scaling parameters as you desire.

                        Width and Height

Enter the scaling width and height either in pixels, as a fraction, or as a multiple of the original image size. You can scale your original captures (which may be any size) to a specific size using this function.

If the width and height aspect ratio aren’t linked, the image will become distorted after scaling.

                        In pixels

Click this to define your scaling to be in pixels (versus a fraction or multiple of the original size).

                        Scale factor

Click this to define your scaling to be a fraction or multiple of the original size (versus pixel count).

                        Set to current selection rectangle

Click this button to set your scale image parameters to the size of the current selection rectangle (there must be one, of course, defined on the currently-active image within HyperSnap’s workspace).

Keep Aspect

Check this to maintain the aspect ratio of (width and height) of the image to avoid distortion. If select different ratios for the two dimensions, the image may appear “squeezed” or “stretched.”


Check this to smooth out scaling (especially “upward”) by interpolating pixels between areas to help improve the appearance of scaled images.

The interpolation method used by this function is the same as that in the Image/Scale tab.


Crop & Scale tab