Button Tab

This tab sets options related to capturing button controls, such as OK or CANCEL in dialog boxes or other program interface components.

If the captured area needs enlarging beyond the button’s edges, enter a specified number of pixels on each side of the button. This can enhance the capture when pasted into a document by providing space around the button graphic.


·         Enter negative values to decrease the area.


·         To change all four values by 1 pixel, up or down, click the [+] and [-] buttons in the middle of the group.


·         To reset all values to zero and start over, click the Reset button.

Example: To capture Internet Explorer 6 buttons with a 1 pixel black frame around them, set each of the Left, Right, Top and Bottom values to 1 pixel.

Left, Top, Right and Bottom

Specify how many extra pixel lines or columns to capture on each side of a button.

[ - ] button

Click to decrease all four values around by one.


Click to set all four values around to zero.

[ + ] button

Click to increase all four values around by one.


Button Tab