Settings Group

Click to check (select) or uncheck (deselect) each of the following:


Want cursor

Check this to have HyperSnap include the mouse cursor in the captured image.


Hide window

Check this to hide the HyperSnap window before capturing the image you want.


Turn this option off (UNcheck it), but only if you want to capture the HyperSnap window itself. This is needed only if HyperSnap is the reason you’re creating the capture.


Example: A capture may help in sending a bug report to HyperSnap or in showing a problem with the program.



Hotkeys on

Activates or deactivates Hotkeys in this window. Be sure that this is check-marked if you want your Hotkeys to be active.

You may also toggle Hotkeys on and off with the Activate Hotkeys button on the optional Toolbar (opened in the Setup bar) or in the Hotkeys settings boxes in both the Capture and the TextSnap bars.



Extra delay

Check this to add an extra 4 second delay before a capture. This amount is set automatically and cannot be changed here.

If you want to change this time, go to “Delay time before capture” box in the Capture tab of the Capture Settings dialog box. That function enables you to specify the delay time to capture down to milliseconds (1000 milliseconds = one second).


HyperSnap image57 Settings GroupCapture settings button


HyperSnap image58 Settings GroupHot keys button



Settings Group