Ctrl+Shift+M  – Captures multiple regions that you define using its built-in tools.

One of HyperSnap’s most powerful features, multiple regions can be more than one area of the screen, such as two rectangular portions of the same window, or even two different application windows at the same time. They can also be different shapes and formats.

Example: You can use multi-region to capture a cascading menu, a useful tool when creating documentation for software.

For a Multi-Region capture:

Step 1     Minimize the HyperSnap window.

Step 2     Open a cascading (multi-level) menu in another program.

Step 3     Right-click on a file’s icon.

Step 4     Choose File/Send to which opens the menu.

Step 5     Press Ctrl+Shift+M to start this capture.

Step 6     Click on each menu in turn.

Step 7     Press the Enter key on the keyboard to finish this capture.

You’ll see all regions captured with the default background color filling the area between the regions in HyperSnap’s workspace.

The program fills space between captured regions with the color you select in the Capture Settings/Capture tab – Default background color for captures.