Free hand

Ctrl+Shift+H  – Captures a hand-drawn, area (non-rectangular) around any part of the screen. When selected, the cursor changes to large crosshairs and the area below the cursor shows a magnified preview of the area to be captured.

To capture a Free Hand drawn area:


Step 1       Position the cursor where you want to start drawing.

Step 2       Click Ctrl+Shift+H.

Step 3     Draw around the outside of the area you wish to capture.

Step 4     Press Enter.


Right-click and select Finish Capture from the popup menu.


Click near the capture starting point to complete the capture.

You’ll see your hand-drawn area in the HyperSnap workspace.

The program fills the area outside the area captures with the pre-defined background color you’ve set in the Capture Settings dialog box.


Free hand