How to Use This Manual

This online manual is also HyperSnap’s online Help. When you click an item in the contents or a link in the text, you see the information under that heading in the manual. (You can also print a PDF version of the manual if you want a paper copy.)


First Time User: If you are using HyperSnap for the first time, following the steps below can help you learn to use it more quickly.


Previous User: If you have used HyperSnap in the past, the “What’s New” section will give you the basics of HyperSnap’s new Ribbon Interface. You can then review the Ribbon Tabs to identify the new tools


1     Learn about the new Ribbon interface and Thumbnails in the “What’s New” section.


2     Use Tutorials to practice captures.


3     Search the Ribbon Reference section for descriptions of HyperSnap tabs and tools.

Use these helpful tips:

§  Place the mouse cursor on a tool to identify it in words. HyperSnap image1 How to Use This Manual

§  If a down arrow appears next to an icon or words, click it for options. HyperSnap image2 How to Use This Manual

§  If a word has a checkbox next to it, click it to select or deselect the tool. HyperSnap image3 How to Use This Manual


More help is available if you cannot find what you need in the online Help or if you would like to read about other uses for HyperSnap. Visit our FAQ page or access our Technical Support Forum for more information.


If you still cannot find an answer to a question about using HyperSnap, or if you run into a problem, feel free to contact us.


How to Use This Manual